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Club Penguin Cheats Now Wishes You A Merry Christmas!

Greetings everyone! The year 2012 is almost to an end, and Club Pengiun Cheats Now has come a long way. We would like to thank you for all of the support and hoping you will stay tuned to what we have to bring the in the later year, 2013! We apologize for not posting a lot but we hope you enjoyed our time we have spent this year on Club Penguin Cheats Now.


We hope you have a safe, fun and jolly Christmas and New Year. Speaking of which… what is your New Year resolution and what did you get for Christmas? Let us know in a comment below.

-Monkeydude8 Author

Club Penguin Arctic White Color Coming Out This Month

According to a recent tweet by Spike Hike, it seems as if the color Arctic White will be released during the Holiday Party 2012 on Club Penguin. The rumors for this color, along with the first sightings, started back in April 2012. You can view this post for more information about the first sightings of the Arctic White Color. In my opinion, I think the release of this color during the Holiday Party really matched the theme. This is mainly because during this party, the weather gets colder and snow fall occurs more often. Check out the official tweet by Spike Hike below.

Well this got me really excited, I can’t wait to obtain this item. If you would like to find out some more details regarding this color, you can find some below along with some more background information. Lets continue on, shall we?

Club Penguin Arctic White Color Information

According to what I have, the first sightings of the Arctic White color was on April 5, 2012. Before people could even find it in the files, many penguins first found out about it because of the many penguins wearing the color. The main sightings were on the server Sleet throughout the whole entire month, however Club Penguin has currently removed this item from their files, but it will make a return later this month.

Many people obtained this item by hacking, which is against the rules. As a result, many penguins got banned. I would not recommend trying to obtain this item before the official release. If you are wondering how this color would look, check out some pictures that we have provided below.

Arcric White Penguin

If you are wondering how this color would look on a player card, then look nor further because we have provided you with a picture of that here. Here at Club Penguin Cheats Now, we are always ahead of the game. What I really like is how Club Penguin made the color a little bit dimmer so you can see it through the snow.

Playercard Of Arctic White Penguin

Well I guess that wraps up my segment for today. Well, after about 8-9 months of rumors, it seems like it is now time for the Arctic White color to have the awaited release. So far, it seems like there is a lot planned for this month. Are you excited?

Holiday Party 2012 Sneak Peek by Spike Hike

Last night, Spike Hike posted a brand new sneak peek for the upcoming Club Penguin Holiday Party 2012. As stated by him, this room will be called the Frost Bite room, but it is technically the Dock. I think this room looks great, my favorite part is the waterfall. You can also see the brand new catalog in the bottom right hand corner.

Frost Bite Room

It feels to me as if Club Penguin worked really hard on the rooms this year. From what we have heard so far, it seems like this Holiday Party will be completely different this year. I’m really excited and I can’t wait. What do you think about this? Leave me a comment below with your opinion.

Club Penguin Cheats Now Owner

Club Penguin Updates Green Puffle at Dance Club

If you now head over to the Dance Club, you will notice that Club Penguin has updated the classic Green Puffle. Since the start, that Green Puffle has maintained the same design. Now, Club Penguin has modernized it’s look to match up the rest of the Puffles on the island. If you do not remember how it used to look, check out this comparison picture I have provided below.

Green Puffle Comparison

This new design really does look cool, and the best part is that it still flips if you roll over it. It seems like the full entire island is starting to be re-designed. What do you think about this brand new update? Do you like it? Leave me a comment below with your opinion.

Club Penguin Cheats Now Owner

Club Penguin December 2012 Clothing Catalog Cheats

Club Penguin has once again updated, and this time, it has brought the brand new December 2012 Clothing Catalog. Like every month, this catalog does contain brand new cheats. This new catalog is themed up for the upcoming Holiday Party 2012, and it does get the island into the mood for the holidays. There are also some new backgrounds that come in this catalog. Lets get started with the cheats, shall we?

December 2012 Clothing Catalog Cheats Guides

Video Guide:

As always, I have made a video guide to help you with the cheats in this month’s catalog. I have uploaded this video to our official Youtube channel, ClubPenguinYourNews1. This video has excellent commentary throughout and it is in HD. If our video has helped you, be sure to subscribe to our channel.

Text Guide:

As a gift from Club Penguin Cheats Now, I have also typed up a text guide to assist you through this month’s catalog cheats. This catalog is great, although, it should have included more items. The good thing is that there still are some cheats.

Tree Costume
1. Flip over to the 6th page.
2. Click on the tree next to the purple penguin.

Bunny Slippers
1. Head over to the 7th page.
2. Click on the door knob.

Snowflake Costume
1. Go to page 11.
2. Click on the reindeer’s antlers.

Wasn’t this catalog great? I really like these new items, but I think they could have added a bit more like last year. Are you excited for the upcoming Holiday Party 2012? I know I am! You can count on us to bring you the cheats for it. Leave me a comment below with your opinion about this catalog.

Club Penguin Cheats Now Owner

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