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Club Penguin Puffle Party Cheats 2012

Today Club Penguin has officially launched  the Puffle Party. In this new and improved party you can buy, collect, and do many things. You can transform yourself into a Puffle, get items, and have fun. There is also a Puffle Play Zone which can turn your penguin into a Puffle! So lets get started with the cheats!

To get to the main room of the Party you can click the sign that is located at the Town and Plaza or you can open up your map and click the “Go There” button at the top right of the map. Below I will show you how the sign looks.


There are also items that you can buy and receive free at the new party. You can but Puffle costumes and a brand new Puffle hat for the party, in The Puffle Play Zone you can also get a free hat for your Puffle. The Puffle hat for your penguin is located in the Town, the Plaza, The Puffle Show and the hat for the Puffle is at The Puffle Play Zone. You can purchase the Puffle costumes at The Puffle Play Zone, you have to click the book at the bottom right corner. One more item that you could get is a new background. Stand in front of the camera in the Puffle Show, click the button and you will get an award background.  Below you will see pictures of the items.

This is the Puffle hat that is for the penguin. It can be found in the Plaza, Town, or Puffle Show. The hat is free and doesn’t require membership so non-members could get it too.

The Puffle Hat for the Puffle is at the Puffle Play Zone. You could access it with the sign (above) or with the map. The Puffle hat looks just like the one the penguin has with polka dots.

Puffle Party Cheats

This is the background for the Puffle Show. It is an award background for winning at the Puffle Show with your fuzzy little pet. There is a trophy and ribbons in the back of the background. The picture is below.

You can also get 10 Puffle costumes at the Puffle Play Zone. Click the book at the bottom – right corner to open up the book. There is a red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, pink, white, brown, and black costume. 


One of the main cheats of this party is how to turn into a Puffle. To turn into a Puffle enter the Puffle Play Zone and take the elevator up. You will be transformed into a Puffle and could still talk! You could choose what color Puffle you want according to how many different color Puffles you have. You could also go into the Relax-Tron, a machine designed for Puffles relaxation. The picture below shows Puffles at the Puffle Play Zone.

Once you turn yourself into a Puffle you can explore the island and play games and still be able to keep your Puffle form. If you grow tired of it you can click your playercard and transform yourself back into a penguin using the button at the bottom of your playercard. 

That sums up the Puffle Party 2012. There is also a small Saint Patrick’s day party taking place at the Mine, but you will see that in the other posts. I sure like turning into by brown Puffle though, I hope Club Penguin will keep the privilege  of letting us turn into Puffles so we can transform into them anytime we want. What do you think of this year’s Puffle Party? Tell us your opinions in the comment section below!

~Khanster46 Author

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