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Club Penguin New EPF Message From Jet Pack Guy

If you have recently went on Club Penguin you would have noticed that Club Penguin has officially updated. The Field Ops was updated so Club Penguin sent a new message to us on our Spy Phones. This message is from Jet Pack Guy. Jet Pack guy is one of the top secret agents from the EPF, you will be able to find him helping out in the missions. This message was sent today, June 22, he tells us to keep up the great work and that the Super Villains are no match for us agents, the Elite Penguin Force. Below is a picture of Jet Pack Guy’s Message.Club Penguin New EPF Message From Jet Pack Guy

Great work everyone – keep it up! These Super Villains are no match for the Elite Penguin Force!

These messages usually come every week but sometimes one message will come and the next will come a few weeks later. I’m glad though that we are succeeding in defeating the Super Villains and bringing Club Penguin back to peace. I don’t want to live in Club Penguin and getting ruled by the Ultimate Protobot 10k or his partners. Once you have finished reading this EPF message, you could click the “x” button at the top-right corner or you could read other messages that were sent to you by, Gary, The Director, Dot, Rookie, Protobot, and Herbert. What do you think about this message? Just leave a comment in the comment section below because here at Club Penguin Cheats Now we love hearing what you guys think.

~Khanster46 Co-Owner

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    Khanster your blogging is so in detailed! Best Club Penguin blogger ever!!! :O

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