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Club Penguin Bits And Bolts Money And Coin Cheats

On this page you will find all of the cheats for the Club Penguin game “Bits and Bolts.” Bits and Bolts is one of the latest Club Penguin games out. On this page you will find all of the cheats and guides bound to help you throughout the game.

Where is Bits and Bolts?

Astro Barrier is located in the Dance Lounge. You can get there by going to the second floor of the Dance Club. The Dance Club is located at the Town.

How do I play?

In this game you will have to use your mouse and combine the bolts to match the target number. If you do this you will build a piece of a robot, some robots might need a different amount of bolts to build. For a boost use the blast ball to clear the screen. Non members can ONLY play up until level 5 while members can play past level 5.


Bits and Bolts is quite a simple game if you concentrate hard enough. The main goal is to build pieces of a robot by clicking on the amount of the bolts that match the target number. So for example if your target number is 4 you would then click 4 1-Bolt blocks or 2  2-Bolt blocks. An example is shown below.

Some robots need different types of bolts than others. You can check this by looking at the “Bot Parts” section. If it shows a group of 2 bolts try to click 2-Bolt blocks to get the right amount of pieces to build the parts of the robot. Sometimes you won’t be able to use the parts the game asks you to use.

If your stack of blocks is getting a little to high try to use the blast ball to clear up the screen. Blast balls are a very easy way to keep from losing in the game. If you don’t know what a blast ball looks like look our example below.

If the stack of the blocks reaches the top you will lose the game. So try to click those blocks as fast as possible so you won’t lose!

Well that’s all for this guide! We hope that our guide has helped you through the Club Penguin game Bits and Bolts. Until then fellow readers!

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