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Club Penguin Catchin’ Waves Money And Coin Cheats

On this page you will find all of the Club Penguin Catchin’ Waves Money Cheats! You will find many cheats and guides on this page that is bound to help you master the game. So what are you waiting for? Lets get started.

Where is Catchin’ Waves?

Catchin’ waves is located at the right side of the Cove in the hut. You can access it by click on the Cove that is on the map.

Catchin Waves Cheats

How do I play?

In this game you will use your mouse to guide your penguin across the wave. The more tricks you do in the game the more points you will earn helping you earn more coins too! Also, you can buy boards for the game to upgrade your game.


In Catchin’ Waves there are four game modes that you can play. You have these options:

  • Surf Lesson – Learn how to surf!
  • Freestyle – Surf for fun and practice your tricks.
  • Competition – Enter a three-wave competition and perform tricks to impress the judges.
  • Survuval – Go as far as you can before you wipe out on the longest wave ever discovered.

Catchin Waves Cheats

The first tip that I could give you is if you are a member you should buy the silver surfboard so you can go faster and attempt for jumps. You can buy this surfboard by clicking on the “waves” in the Catchin’ Waves Game Upgrades catalog. With this surfboard you will have a lot of advantages throughout the game.

Catchin' Waves Cheats

Another thing that you can do to earn more coins is to bring your red Puffle along for the ride! If you bring you Puffle it can help you earn more points and coins throughout the game because of it also collecting points while you do. I think this is actually a pretty cool thing.

Catchin' Waves Cheats

That’s pretty much it viewers! If you follow these tips I can guarantee you will earn more coins in the game of Catchin’ Waves. We hope our guide has helped you.

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